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Apr 12, 2005
The Stoner Dragon

Guardian Dragon

The Stoner Dragon towered over the gates but he was obscured by the darkness of the night. Flecks of mesmeric light flickered like Glitter from beneath his wings. Its very presence became hypnotic. Its beauty was majestic but the captivation wouldnít last. For some of the most beautiful things upon this Earth are also the most deadly. Both the Dragon and black lotus plant were good examples of this. For the love of the Stoner Dragon for the clan was bought with the lotus plant placed in the trough of the beast. For dragons can be quite unmanageable without some form of sedation. But in the dragonís defense, he loved the priests as much as a dragon could possible love anything. And the dragon looked upon the compound with a stonerís grin. For a dragonís love is unique in that it only happens but once or twice in a thousand generations. For most dragons are either malicious or malevolent. They love only treasure and greed. But the Lotus rescued this kingly beast when it was just a wyrm and the love had been repaid a thousand times.

Photo Credit: Lisa Hunt

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go nerdy half wit virgins u guys are so geeke lol

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