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Apr 19, 2005
The Woodland Glade

Dragon Tears

In one of the darkest parts of the enchanted forest, there was a place the sun never saw. The forest canopy was just too thick. There were stones with long forgotten runes scattered throughout. Grass and brush intermingled with rotting stone. Ruins jutted out from the ground and the place smelled like a tomb. It was here that the gates to the Black Lotus compound were located. And they say that a dark terror guarded the gates but as to what kind of terror no one knew. For no one who had ever ventured into the woodland glade had ever returned. Rumors abounded in the forest of the monstrosities that lay in its depths. And although the general location of the temple was known the path was hidden.  A garden of statuary stood guard over the path. They were not made of ordinary stone and the pious figures of the night moved and glared at the rare unfortunate travelers. It was almost as if the oppressed stone felt sorry for them and it created a very unnerving atmosphere.  It was at the end of this path that the blight of a temple stood. And if you survived the terror that stood at its gates, it was possible to see the haunted mansion that made up the Temple. Black spires patterned from Asian architecture, jutted high into the forest canopy above. It felt as if the very forest conspired against you. Strange things stirred in the air. And the whisper of the black lotus plant could be heard as it swayed in its fields. This was the path that led you to the gates.

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