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May 5, 2005
The Black Lotus

The Black Lotus’ were outcasts long exiled from the White Lotus temple. They were the ninja to the White Lotus Samurai but not quite as inherently evil. They fought without honor and mastered the dark arts. They were the opium addicted warriors that terrified the world. They distilled a poison from the black lotus flower they then consumed. The power of the black lotus filled them with such euphoric wrath that they lost all fear or knowledge of death. You would think that the poison they found in the lotus would have slowly killed them but it only prolonged their wretched lives. They were accountable to no one but themselves and killed all who stood in their way. Long ago their White Lotus brethren attempted to hunt down and destroy the Black Lotus but in the depths of the Enchanted Forest the Black Lotus outlasted them. And then the Black Lotus disappeared into the shadows and all memory of them was nearly forgotten. Myth became legend. Despite their methods they were very different than the ninja. They had no discernable political agenda. They interacted with the world according to their own mysterious world views. They became loners and rarely acted as a united force. But they popped up now and again to do their work. They enjoyed chaos and manipulated it from the shadows. They took apprentices who were always impressionable orphans. They then molded them into the sick and twisted warriors bent on world corruption. It was even rumored that they could bend the very shadows to their will. No one but the Lotus clan ever knew the secret to their powers. Nearly an age had passed since they had left the limelight and the Black Lotus had become a fading memory. But dark rumors would sometimes emerge that they were here and there doing their dark deeds. And even though they outlasted the White Lotus counterparts by more than a millennium their deeds would become legends that would last for a thousand lifetimes.

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