Entry: Grab the Lotus and Run Mar 28, 2005


Gunshots roared outside as the battle raged itself into epic proportions. The assailants were very near their goal. It was very fortunate for them that they knew the entrance of the Opiate Glade was underground. The above ground entrance to the glade was a deathtrap from which there was no escape. And now they were so close to their goal. All they had to do was run in and grab one or two plants and run for their lives as they hoped the chaos surrounding the compound would shield them in their escape. And just when their hope was almost fulfilled a small blue incandescent dragon emerged from around the corner. Their hearts dropped they knew what it was. It was the dragon on the blade of Blue Skeltonís mythical sword. Slowly the sword fully emerged from the corner and soon its bearer emerged as well. He was dark brunette boy with eyes that glow like an elf in the dark. His hair hung nonchalantly and waved in the small breeze in the catacomb they were standing in. He was in a very melancholy mood for they had wounded the dragon, his only friend, and killed more than a few of the monks, his only family. There would be no banter or joyful killing tonight. Blue was in a dark mood and the intruders would suffer if they failed. Their hopes turned into ash and their victory would soon be a tomb.

Photocredit: ani juranic


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