Entry: This Wasted Land Jul 16, 2005

Driven By My Memories

The world is corrupted and everything grows dark. The apocalypse is near. The media only serves its constituency and the Christian religion is nothing more than War Propaganda. Chaos will reign and evil men will fight one last battle for domination of this earth. There won't be a world for Christ to return to. Man's great joke on the powers that be. But then again, I guess it is in our nature to cheat our own vengeful Gods. But I will outlast them all. The heroin has pickled my veins and I am faster than a cockroach. And when the fools are gone and only the weakened remain, I will have my vengeance. Everyone in this wasted land will know and fear my name. Mercy is for the weak and I will punish them all. They shunned me like the mutant that I am. But they made me a freak. Only a World this fucking askew could spawn a dichotomy like myself. And for my part I hate them all. They are so fucking mainstream (Dramafiend).


Disclaimer: This is a work of Fiction not a political or religious statement. Although both heathenous and traitorous it is just the state of affairs the fictitional world I inhabit had become. Any similarities to real life is purely coincidental


Photo Credit: Kisho D'Agostino


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