mike » hi
raisa » hello
C.J » cool pics and layout check out my blog: http://grammyboy07.blogdrive.com
TwistedWacko » eyo there, dwopin by in yar site here, cool site ya..
alyza » Hi..
sdhghj » frhgfyolhıl
7one » Ah HA! I found this arena!
Randie the Great » YOUR BACk
blue » Hi Lyly
Lyly » hi there!
blueskelton » heh i have done that one before
Terrymce » Blue, the most dangerous place to have sex...the boss' office. )
blueskelton » hehhe Go Virgins Go
Jess » haha have you realized that the majority of your poll hasnt had sex? woo! go blogging nerdy virginal computer nerds!
Hope » You are very talented. I'm impressed.
J f Z » evil thumbnails for ya.
soswryter » let's see...most dangerous...in the drug rehab van while one of my fellow "inmates" was being busted for stealing smokes from Safeway. We were in the parking lot of a police station. I win.
BlueSkelton » Heh oh man the thrill thou
raejane » most dangerous place? back of a car while it was driving down the road...
BlueSkelton » Im back.
BlueSkelton » Whos Bad
BlueSkelton » Take care everyone. I ll be offline a few weeks due to summer vacation. I ll post a few things here and there but i wont be online much Have a good summer
Strangergirl » but I feel so awful... details at my website....
Strangergirl » fine
Strangergirl » lol.
BlueSkelton » lol sorry not Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob » hello good how you doing?
Strangergirl » Hi Blueskeleton! I came here as a random blogger! How's your fiance'?
BlueSkelton » Thanks
story » just wanted to say hello to a fellow writer i love you titles